Courage of the Soul

Inspiring Stories of Overcoming Life's Everyday Challenges

Courage of the Soul

Inspiring Stories of Overcoming Life's Everyday Challenges

This Title is No Longer In Print

Wise Woman Collection – Courage of the Soul

Inspiring Stories of Overcoming Life’s Everyday Challenges


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Where Have You Triumphed in Your Own Life?

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to live a human life.

Each of us is a warrior, taking a personal heroic journey, facing the challenges and obstacles presented to us along the way.

There are those crossroads that appear, turning points where one must choose between living a life of victory and succumbing to the curse of defeat.  These moments of truth are marked by defining events that challenge the human spirit to reach deep within to find courage at the soul level.  From those depths we must summon and bring forth what is required to create a life of meaning and worth.  It’s a call to courage – to face our fears and to overcome – to suffer trials and to conquer.

Courage of the Soul is a book that chronicles the life-changing events of ordinary people who found their measure of courage, and through their will and determination they have not only survived their circumstances, but they persevered.  And having persevered, they triumphed.

In Courage of the Soul, the reader will find a connection between the narrated stories and their own life experiences.  In reality, the stories of each of us are the stories of all of us.  And in our own unique way, each of us has met life’s challenges by taking the journey required to unearth the courage of our own soul.

About the Authors Marion Witte is an author, public speaker, and Certified Public Accountant, with a life-long career of managing and owning business ventures. She founded and manages the Angel Heart Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to supporting positive parenting and youth empowerment. She is the Editor in Chief of the Next Generation Parenting and Brave New Leaders websites. Ms. Witte’s memoir – Little Madhouse on the Prairie – relays the story of her childhood, in hopes of opening readers’ eyes to the long-term effects of negative childhood experiences. Marion resides in Ventura, California where she pursues her writing, philanthropic, and business activities. Melissa J. Murphy is a freelance writer and editor specializing in a variety of topics, including psychology, health, and parenting.  She has ghost-written hundreds of articles for many prominent websites and she is the Senior Contributing Writer for  Melissa is a certified life coach and she enjoys helping people consciously awaken to find meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in life.  As well as connecting with people through her writing and coaching, Melissa involves herself in nature through art and organic gardening.  Melissa is married with two children and lives in the Houston, Texas area.


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