Foreword - The No-Regrets Bucket List


Foreword - The No-Regrets Bucket List


Wise Woman Collection

The Wise Woman Collection is a series of books focused on sharing wisdom through stories and experiences.

Wise Woman Beliefs

The planet desperately needs more peacemakers and storytellers -- Dalai Lama

Wise Woman Practices

Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will understand.

Wise Woman Mission

**Education** **Inspiration** **Transformation**

Why Create A No-Regrets Bucket List?

There are literally thousands of books available that address the goals of attracting love, achieving financial success and finding happiness, and those publications can be valuable resources for individuals working towards those objectives.

This book addresses the concept of achieving our ultimate goal in life – living a meaningful life and leaving a legacy of which we are proud. The concept behind the No-Regrets Bucket List suggests that there is a need to determine who we want to be during our lifetime and that the creation of guidelines can assist us in that process.

The chapters in this book provide a sampling of ideas the reader might consider for inclusion on their own no-regrets bucket list. Since life goals are highly personal, any list created would obviously be unique and specific to the individual and their circumstances. The intention of this book is to have the reader consider concepts they might not have previously contemplated, and which may form the foundation for taking action in an specific area, so there are no regrets in the future about not doing so.

This book is intended to encourage everyone to live the life they came here to live with no regrets at its end. This can be accomplished if we sit in the driver’s seat of our life, take charge of our dreams, and create the type of life we want and the way we want to be remembered.


Since we are all going to be but a memory someday, let’s make it the best one it can be.


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